Stage Trailers

Stage Trailers

Staging can be expensive and time consuming. It used to require setting up the day before everyone else, having security onsite overnight and in most cases there wasn’t a roof. We saw a real need to streamline the staging solution so we designed and built our own Stage Trailers!

Our covered Stage Trailer is quick and easy to setup, has an integrated hydraulic roof and levelling system and is an extremely cost effective staging solution.

Our second Stage Trailer is even quicker to setup and is perfect for those events which may not require a full covered roof solution.

Contact us today to discuss which Stage Trailer is the perfect fit for your event.

“WOW WHAT A NIGHT! A big thank you to Sound House for the event layout and planning for the evening. The venue looked amazing and our cars were showcased extremely well.”

Nicole McCullagh – Launceston Toyota

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